Non-Judgemental Counselling Tailored to You

I understand that life can sometimes be difficult. You may find yourself experiencing stress, anxiety, panic, low moods, or issues with addiction. Perhaps you feel isolated and alone and don’t feel like you can speak with friends, family, or work colleagues. You might believe that nobody truly understands what you are going through. If this is the case for you, I am here to provide a friendly professional helping hand through counselling in Swindon either in person, via telephone or online, creating the warm, supportive environment you need to speak freely and explore the issues that are troubling you.

To book your first session, give me a call or email and we will arrange a meeting – either in person, via telephone or on Zoom – at a time that suits you.


Depression affects many people, and I know how hard it can be to imagine reaching a better place. You may feel like your situation is hopeless, but I am here to help you engage with your depression and become less weighed down by it. We will, in a way that feels right for you, talk through challenging emotions and memories that contribute to your low mood in a curious, compassionate way. There is no judgement here; this is your space to process difficult emotions. Our goal will be to examine your negative thoughts as they come and, over time, replace them with healthier beliefs.

Stress and Anxiety

Rather than simply being a psychological issue, anxiety is something we actively hold in our body. If we experience constant stress, it becomes trapped inside and morphs into feelings of anxiety. We start to catastrophise, worry, overthink, and even suffer panic attacks. Feeling anxious every now and again is natural, but having that sense of discomfort all the time is extremely difficult. I am here to help you identify the root causes of your anxiety and work with you to develop a calmer, more compassionate mindset.


We will approach your addiction in a compassionate way. Given that addiction is not a conscious choice, but rather a natural response to the emotional pain that comes with trauma, our work will involve identifying the root causes and beliefs that underpin why you became addicted in the first place. It is not a question of ‘why the addiction?’ but rather ‘why the pain?’ By adopting this approach, we will engage with the traumas lying behind your addiction in an empathetic, curious way, and, over time, help you get to a place where you don’t have to keep escaping into addictions as a way of making yourself feel better.

Suicidal Ideation

I understand how it feels to think about ending your life. Sometimes we reach a place where we feel hopeless – that there is no way out. Navigating this feeling on your own is so hard, and I am here to be your guide and source of support for as long as you need, listening closely to what you say and taking care to make sure you feel understood, seen, and validated. We will gradually work through these difficult emotions and replace them with more compassionate thoughts about yourself, others, and the wider world.

To learn a little bit more about my background as a counsellor in Swindon and online, head over to my About Me page.


I have high levels of specialist experience in working with trauma – both one-off events and trauma originating in childhood. It leads to a certain way of seeing yourself, other people, and the wider world. Trauma prevents you from experiencing a full range of emotions and shows up in how you think and behave, leading to all kinds of challenging emotions and maladaptive behaviours. Using the techniques outlined in my About Counselling page, we will engage with these traumas, build a clearer picture of their role in your life, and develop tools that help you manage trauma in a healthier way going forward.

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